"all environments are inescapably human"
Dr Sophie Webber
"we've never thought about mobility as coming back home"
Assoc. Prof. Catherine Gomes
"we are a part of the earth’s system"
Assoc. Prof. Michael-Shawn Fletcher

The Human Environment is a TV series coming to your screens in 2022-23.

The series will be broadcast by ABC TV and targeted at teenagers. It will be distributed internationally by Kanopy. Film Victoria have funded the development of the project. The TV series has been selected to be part of the exclusive DAF Environmental Incubator development programme.

We are currently financing the series and seeking further partners.

This 10 x 10 minute TV series explores the relationship of people to place and nature, primarily within the Australian context. Issues covered include the changing nature of land care, urban planning, mapping our changing use of spaces, new ideas in resources management, and the effect of government and business upon the size and nature of communities.

Below is our pitch video about the series.